Wednesday, December 08, 2004

a horrible review!

My friend Nico has just alerted me to a truly horrible review posted of my novel on Amazon by a character called "Gender Madge." Check it out (yes, I'm mortifying myself by quoting, but I am 95% sure it must be a practical joke--in the other [also v. hostile] review posted, Gender Madge self-identifies as "a mature student of gender studies in Adelaide Australia"--surely I would remember if I had had such a student in one of my not-very-huge lecture courses at Columbia?!?):

Heading: "Thought I'd heard the last of Jenny Davidson ..., December 4, 2004"
Review (by "Gender Madge"): "I used to have to listen to this ghastly, humourless woman's dreary lectures at Columbia. But even they were better than this rubbish. Why do people who know nothing about London insist on writing about it without checking anything out? Ms Davidson was always a stickler for checking sources, as I recall. So why for Pete's sake didn't she send this to somebody in England to review for factual plausibility? I'm an Aussie who lived in London for a year and I can see the holes. Anyway, even is such matters don't bother you, the 'science' in this alleged novel is ridiculous and the writing simply terrible."

!!! Seems to me that there are many legitimate criticisms that might be made of my teaching and/or my fiction writing, but that these surely aren't the ones that would come to mind?!? How awful... Aren't you supposed to have to use "real names" now for reviews?

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