Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Highbrow Fight Club

An extremely funny article about n+1 mag in the Observer. (Thanks to Maud for the link.) The best line is about my dear friend Marco, the "effete intellectual" of the bunch (it's not quite clear to me which one of these editors is the heartthrob...). This is in response to Elizabeth Merrick's comment on the male-dominated nature of the magazine:

"How can they possibly call us chest-thumping Neanderthals?" mused Mr. Gessen. "I mean—have they looked at Marco?" Mr. Roth’s feline features and wild Jew-fro make for the kind of profile you picture caricatured on a Barnes and Noble bag: the languid eyes, the pallor, the graceful arabesques of a cigarette-bearing hand, the suggestion of innumerable allergies, the diminutive man’s proud hauteur.

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