Friday, December 03, 2004

Two plays

in two days. Sort of a lot on top of the normal work stuff. However, both well worth it, in different ways. Last night, Sheridan's The Rivals at Lincoln Center Theater. This is an extremely funny play and I'd say it's a very good production--I've always got a few quibbles about these 18th-century things (one or two pretty sketchy English accents--why can't they just do it in American accents?!?) but it's extremely enjoyable, and with some excellent acting. Tonight, Michael Frayn's Democracy. I'd been looking forward to this for ages but it was something of a disappointment. The actor playing Gunter Guillaume (the spy who's at the center of the play) wasn't so great, but the whole play is very talky and reminds you too much of a cheesy bio-pic. So it was thought-provoking and sometimes quite interesting, but I don't think the whole thing hangs together. Beautiful set, though...

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