Thursday, February 23, 2006

All right

now I'm at home & followed up on that link I mentioned below, it is really the funniest thing I ever saw (all right, perhaps not literally, but worth a click), really adorable and slightly bizarre and not at all pornographic: Japanese Cat Feeder.



    You ever read that book?

    Totally not trying to be funny.

    It's actually a decent read if you're interested in blaxploitation or 'street'/'ghetto-life' lit.

  2. "Pimp-no-sis: The word refers to a dark and powerful science. The science of the player -- the attitude, the way of life, the manner of speech.

    The intent is not to glorify, nor is it to judge. It is to walk under the red lights and into the smoky taverns of a secretive world, to take snapshots, to listen to hushed whispers, to simply observe.

    Two years ago, award-winning photographer Tracy Funches and award-winning journalist Rob Marriott set out to capture the pimp lifestyle in all its pomp and posture -- and to bring it into the light as has never been done before. Funches's powerful images depict the raw and intimate truth behind the glamour, while Marriott's text brings the characters and voices to life. Here is an unsentimental look at the underground world of pimps. The tattoos. The clothes. The icy stare of a hardened hustler. Uncensored.

    Your guide through this netherworld is a composite character called Mississippi Twilight. Born of the many interviews conducted with real-life players, Twilight takes you on an all-access tour through pimp life: his beginnings, his women, his peers, and his enemies. Finally, he takes you to: a Players' Ball -- the underground gathering where the game is laid down and true players are recognized.

    Some of your notions of pimps will be dispelled, others reinforced, but one thing will remain certain: You'll never look at pimps the same way again."

  3. That actually looks fabulous, just the kind of thing I like! I am putting it in the shopping cart...

  4. Do you happen to know of any embarassingly bad erotica/romance novels you can recommend?

    I recently decided to see what all the hubbub was about and buy, at random, a novel with the title, "The Sultan and The Virgin Secretary"

    In particular, a couple of passages dealing with confrontations between the titular couple were described in terms of "earthquakes in California" "Hurricaness in the Phillipines" and "Floods in Venezula"

    I nearly peed myself.

    Oh, and nobody just looks at somebody in that book...

    They look lasviously, oglingly, gawkingly, voraciously, libidiously, languidly, licentiously, luridly, lubriciously and salaciously at each other.

    Just to get in the office the Sultan has to dodge a gauntlet of eye fixtations by overcome and enraptured office workers

  5. You know, it is funny how hard it is to write first drafts without the whole awful "their eyes locked; she looked cautiously away" kind of thing; you write the dialogue and it just feels sparse and it is VERY tempting to pad it out with that cheap descriptive stuff about eyes which bears absolutely no relationship to the way we really perceive those small facial muscle movements in real human interactions.

    I don't know of any embarrassingly bad erotica, I really just don't read books that aren't enjoyable in a non-meta sense; but if you want really outrageous sex scenes I recommend the novels of Laurell K. Hamilton. The first Anita Blake ones are exactly what I like, occasional sex but not too much of it (OK, that came out different from how I meant it--what I like in BOOKS; what I mean is that they are mainly crime novels with a vampire/supernatural slant and occasional sexy scenes but no actual sex as Anita has strong morals). However as the series progressed Hamilton unleashed her extreme-sex-obsessed thing; aside from a lot of other stuff (personally I think the sex-with-shape-changing-animals scenes far more genuinely erotic than the vampire ones, I have never been one for the "he had turquoise eyes and waist-length rippling fair hair, his chest bare against the lush purple velvet of his vest" school of masculine beauty) she gives Anita this somehow-vampire-related thing called the ardeur that makes her have to have a LOT of sex a LOT of the time with whoever is available. These books are cheerful good fun with an energetic & imaginative storytelling drive that makes them far more readable than the average book you pick up. Highly recommended.

    Other readers with more knowledge than I have of the trashy erotica market, though, are encouraged to leave their recommendations here for the benefit of Anonymous and others.


    There is a link here about the Japanese Cat Feeder video...



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