Friday, February 03, 2006

Really excellent literary stuff

at the London Review of Books online (no subscription required): Theo Tait on Michel Houellebecq (the only novel of his I've read is The Elementary Particles, which I absolutely loved, it is exactly my kind of novel); James Lasdun in a funny and perceptive essay on the writerly fantasy of the alternate career (in his case, 'living off the land'); and best of all a really fabulous piece by Colin Burrow on my beloved Anthony Burgess. I must get that Andrew Biswell biography.

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  1. On Biswell: you and me both, Jenny D. BTW, I'm reading "Earthly Powers" right now for the first time and it's fab! Sort of an uber-witty "Zelig" before Woody Allen. I wonder if Allen ripped off the idea from Burgess.