Thursday, February 02, 2006

I am excited to see

Neil Gaiman mentioning the possibility of a collaboration with Roger Avary on a film adaptation of BLACK HOLE: "Roger and I explained what we would do if we were given Charles Burns' marvellous graphic novel BLACK HOLE to adapt into a film. We liked Alex and I think he liked us, and most importantly we seemed to be talking about the same film." Oh, god, that would be amazing. I was thinking as I was reading it the other day what an excellent movie it would make; it is steeped in the conventions of the 70s horror flick (teenagers! having sex! in the woods!) and is obviously highly cinematic in other ways as well a-la-early-Stephen-King.... You know, some kinds of art are just inspiring and that Burns novel & the idea of a high-quality film adaptation are among them, it makes me want to make things.... Actually I am pretty much already decided that there is going to be more of a horror-y component (for lack of a better term) in my next novel. For some reason that kind of thing is what's been getting me going recently.

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