Thursday, February 23, 2006

I don't usually link

to things over at BoingBoing because I figure that everyone who likes that stuff's reading it already, but I couldn't resist this story about a Japanese TV show about a cat that loves human milk (my computer crashes when I try to link to the video, but I'm going to try again later at home)--it resonates bizarrely/appealingly with all my eighteenth-century stuff about animals and humans and the blurry lines between them (Monboddo! I love that guy, he really believed that what he called orangutans and we would call chimpanzees were human--homo sylvestris) and also with my increasingly strong desire to write a novel in the Cat People vein. I've been accumulating books about cougars recently, I think that's the specific subspecies of great cat that it's going to have to be; upper Manhattan setting, c. 2015. Not sure quite where I'm going to find the time for this project....


  1. I am hearing this in repsonse to CAT MILK Video:

    "This is not porn. It's just a normal news show. My Japanese wife
    recognizes the reporter and says she was pretty well known in the
    early ninety's but can't remember her name. Nudity is not uncommon on
    Japanese broadcast TV."


    "I can concur with that. I've watched enough Japanese porn to know it
    when I see it, and this is not it. It's just another whako Japanese TV
    show. Line 'em up with "11", "Za Gamman," "Naruhodo Za Warudo" and all
    the rest."

    So it might be late night TV variety show from early or late 1990s. still not sure.

  2. Update from bOING bOING: "Concerning your post about the Japanese
    nipple-sucking cat, my Japanese wife tells me it's a spoof, a comedy
    sketch about a cat that gets hired by women all over Japan to suck
    their nipples. Apparently, it's a very busy cat, and the cat's manager
    is constantly rushing the women clients because the cat is already
    late for its next appointment up in Hokkaido. The manager has to
    literally pull the cat from the woman's nipple. It's all a joke, of