Thursday, February 16, 2006

Giving new meaning

to the cliched phrase "whippet-thin": "An extensive dog hunt was begun yesterday at Kennedy International Airport when a prize-winning whippet from the Westminster Kennel Club show escaped from her cage yesterday afternoon, officials of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey said."

Thiswas the travel-and-animal story I really liked, from the beginning of December; I'm pasting in the whole thing cause it was so cool, there was a good little picture in the print edition too.

A cat from Wisconsin who disappeared two months ago and wound up traveling across the Atlantic boarded a flight at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris and flew home. The cat, Emily, flew business class after Continental Airlines offered her a ride home and provided a company escort. An airline spokeswoman said the cat passed up peppered salmon filet and "opted for her French cat food." Emily apparently wandered into a paper company's distribution center near her home in Appleton and crawled into a container of paper bales. The container went by truck to Chicago and by ship to Belgium before the cat, thin and thirsty, was found on Oct. 24 at a laminating company in Nancy, France. Workers there used her tags to phone her veterinarian. Her owners, Donny and Lesley McElhiney, greeted Emily as her flight landed in Milwaukee. "She seems a little calmer than she was before," Ms. McElhiney said. "Just a little quieter, a little, maybe, wiser."

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