Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Maxine Clarke reviews Martyn Waites

at the Philadelphia Inquirer. (Thanks to Frank Wilson for the link.)

I recently discovered Maxine's blog Petrona, and it's become one of my favorite daily reads; coincidentally I also started reading Waites's The Mercy Seat the other night and was mesmerized, it's perfect light reading. (It was what I turned to when Stanslaw Lem started busting my brain, and though I try to avoid these rather whimsical comparisons, I really couldn't get the idea out of my head that reading Waites--proper light reading--made me feel as though my brain was getting a massage in a bath of soothing pale-green fluid like absinthe jelly, or perhaps aloe is more like it, it is a great book and I will blog about it shortly when I've finished.)

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  1. Look forward to reading what you say about the book, Jenny. (You should be glad you started on this one. I came across a very positive note of it on Sarah Weinman's site, but being me, I bought MW's first book to read first, thought it was dreadful. However, Frank kindly asked me to review The Mercy Seat so I'm glad I was given the opportunity of seeing how the author had developed in the interim).
    Thanks for the very kind posting about Petrona, I'm all blushing now!
    All the best