Monday, April 03, 2006

Problems that come in little packets

A fun review by Michiko Kakutani at the New York Times: Rich Cohen's Sweet and Low: A Family Story. Although Kakutani informs us that Sweet and Low now comes in third place behind Splenda and Equal, I am a die-hard Sweet and Low addict. I like the pink packets (several of my friends swear by Splendaa but that yellow packet is so pale and bland-looking), also the suspicion that I am consuming chemicals that will later be proven to be bad for my health.

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  1. You know... whenever I hear of Kakutani.. i know it's totally ridiculous and bizzarely sterotupical, but i imagine her sitting inside a high-rise building in midtown manhattan, all above the traffic and street life, kinda like in vacuum, a rareified mountain air thing, maybe even have a few clouds surrounding her building, a few djinn of shinto spirits dancing around and doing "jungle boogie", herself totally surrounded by books but in bamboo shelves and stuff, robed in a floral gown, pink, long-ass sleeves, doing little dances with her chopsticks (not eating, just doing chopstick dances), singing japanese opera, drinking tea, throwing her hair about and brushing it, and occasionally, like when she gets a buzz on the intercom --- food delivery (pizza guy), a friend, etc --- she springs to action, leaping up from her small dusty mat in the cetner of her spare minimalist apartment with lots of greeny and vegetation and small little running rock pools all installed, and doing a flurry of deadly kung fu kicks, chops and nasal screams.

    i also imagine her insuch a state during most of her review writing, with those sly japanese eyes, that superior japanese smirk, and just all around deadliness, being like damn, i'm kabutani, i'm a fierce biotch.