Wednesday, April 12, 2006

TLS time of the week

Excellent things, including Michael Saler's "Is there such a thing as a British intellectual?" (on Stefan Collini's Absent Minds: Intellectuals in Britain, which sounds extremely appealing, I must get it as soon as it's actually released in the US...) and a fascinating long essay on women's voices in Harold Pinter by Alistair Macaulay, "Did you see Kim and the kids?".


  1. Hi, hope you don't mind me posting a comment about previous entries, but I came upon this blog when searching for Rebecca West novels. I know so few people here in the UK who have read the trilogy that it's good to see others who admire it as much as I do. Like you I'm intrigued by the possiblity of a drafted fourth volume and I'd love to know what happens ultimately to Rosamund and Mary and Rose. I believe there are also unpublished Cordelia chapters, too which I'm keen to see in print - Cordelia being one of my favourite characters!

  2. Collini is so smart, but the TLS makes me tired. When one is in Britain, one starts to say things like "one," and everything seems so much more intellectual than in America, especially if one is reading the Guardian or the Independent, and then one goes to the National Portrait Gallery and sees all those portraits of intellectuals alongside the politicians and actresses and royalty and Mick Jagger, but it's true, none of us can touch the French for intellectual--or crepes.