Thursday, June 22, 2006

John Lanchester is blogging the World Cup

at the London Review of Books, and it's quite excellent, though I am wholly ignorant of everything having to do with football. (Other than to say that I think both Among the Thugs and Fever Pitch are very good books, though quite different from each other-- my taste runs more to the former.)

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  1. Yes, Fever Pitch is one of those very unusual books which seems to be "single topic", and yet you don't have to be in the least interested in that topic to enjoy the book. High Fidelity was a bit the same.

    I am sure I have read other books like this, which are about the inticracies of some quite boring (to me) subject, and yet the book has been good. Of course, I can't think of an example, but the Myron Bolitar books are sort of it -- great reads even for people who have never spent a second thinking about golf, baseball, etc, and are glad not to ever have to.

    Contrast this with the very tedious (in my opinoin) Quentin Jardine series, of which I read the first few as I stupidly bought a bundle of them. One of those took place at a golf match and it was interminably awful.