Wednesday, June 21, 2006

A lifelong dream

has recently come true for me, I thought I would get confessional for a moment & share the story of its coming to fruition. Ever since about 1993 if you asked me about what one really decadent and luxurious item I coveted for my home but thought I would never attain for various reasons both economic and practical, I would have said "a photocopier"! And last week I had to buy a new computer and printer since attrition had me down to one pair where I really need two (one for home, one for office), and I got a new laptop from Dell which is fairly exciting in itself; but THRILLINGLY when I looked at laser printers I saw that for the unbelievably low price of $169.00 I could get the CANON ImageCLASS MF3110 Laser Multifunction Printer - Copier - Scanner. I have just set it up--haven't copied or scanned anything yet--but I rest amazed at the wonders of modern technology....

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  1. We have one and I LOVE it. The scanner stopped working, and we haven't missed it, so haven't dealt with it, but the copier is so useful.