Thursday, June 01, 2006

Thoroughly debauched, almost medieval

Alexandra Jacobs takes on Bill Buford's portrait of Mario Batali, at the NY Observer.

On the topic of things medieval, I must commend your attention (if you have not already looked at it, and of course only if you like this sort of stuff) to the fact that Geoffrey Chaucer hath a blog and it's very, very funny. I have no clue as to the identity of its perpetrator, but the fact that Light Reading appears on the blogroll (Rotulus bloggorum) has caused at least one medievalist of my acquaintance to send me a desperate plea for clues....

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  1. In soothe, lernede Professir, ich haue added yower blogge for to spyen of ony informacioun that shal appearen concerynge this "new hanseatic league." My lord Kyng Richard doth care much for the trade of London and wolde fayne knowe of the privitees of the Hanse, for thei totallye haue the beste woade and timber yn Northerne Europe.

    Grant merci for makynge mencioun of myn litel blogge of japes and nycetees.

    Le Vostre