Thursday, January 10, 2008

The definitive Potter reference book

At Slate, Tim Wu explains why J. K. Rowling should not be allowed to block publication of a fan-composed guide to the world of the Harry Potter novels.

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  1. Has he not missed the point, somewhat? I had understood that JKR and Bloomsbury are going to publish an encyclopaedia themselves, based on the HP style guide that evolved at the publishers (where the copy editors have captured every detail over the years) plus extra details from JK herself (on sexual orientation and the like, maybe).

    I've read interviews with JKR from years ago in which she has stated that after she finished book 7 she would not write another Potter novel but might write a reference work to fill in gaps etc.

    I would say she's merely keeping her options open for this project. I know whose HP encyclopaedia I'd rather read! (the coat-tailers, or as Tim Wu calls them, fans, can publish theirs later).