Monday, January 07, 2008

The First Annual Helen Hill Memorial Tea Party (New York Edition)

Helen Hill died on January 4, 2007, and this year on January 4 a bunch of friends and family got together to remember her and to look forward in a Helenesque spirit to better times to come. The party was hosted by my adopted grandfather--walking into his apartment is like entering a timeless and magical alternate universe (but one that strongly hints of the bohemian lifestyle of 1970s Soho, it is quite lovely and slightly induces Austin Powers jokes among the more feckless visitors!), you could see one person after another reeling at the threshold and then becoming completely immersed in the collages and other art on the walls once they had readjusted to the room's proportions and loveliness (it is a former gallery space, very live-workish).

We had a song or two from Pistol Pete, there were little children running around (and a nerf football!) and a real abundance of lovely cakes and cookies brought by Adrienne from Babycakes and Eleni's. A picture format issue is preventing me from uploading the images, but trust me when I say that the comestibles were quite extraordinary!

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