Friday, January 25, 2008


Tom Perrotta wishes he were less hairy...

(This Q&A's main potential contribution to my daily operational vocabulary: "what makes me cross"! I have been using an almost certainly tiresome combination of irritable, irksome, grumbleness-inducing, etc. for some months now, I am in need either of a more varied set of terminology or else perhaps just a more tolerant attitude!)

Amended to add: Is "grumbleness" even a word?!? And if so (but surely not!), have I actually ever used it? Hmmm, probably so...


  1. I do not believe you have used "grumbleness." You do, however, say something along the lines of "very nice" exactly in the manner of my dad (though he is generally commenting on food or landscapes).

  2. Full of grumbility!
    (cf. "Honest" Ed Mirvish)

    I have a friend who contended that he had two basic independent emotions: hungry and miffed.

    I'll leave off, lest you be put-out or off-put, neither of which is an enjoyable sort of puttering.