Thursday, January 10, 2008

A rising ridge of the Cranium under the Eye-brows

I need to find a picture to put on the cover of my new academic book, only I am the least visual person in the world! Hmmmm--this image from Edward Tyson's Orang-outang (1699) is rather a favorite of mine...


  1. Jenny,
    You might check out the Bibliodyssey blog to see if there are any appropriate images there; most of them are old enough to be public domain. But be prepared to waste hours there.

  2. This is a great image! I would give my vote for it if you don't find another one.

  3. Yes, you sort of can't go wrong with a chimpanzee--only somehow it is not a very EXUBERANT-LOOKING chimpanzee, might be nice to find something a bit more prosperous-looking...

    I will check out that blog, but not till I have done more work on actual book revisions!