Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Epistolary delights

Clarissa Harlowe to Anna Howe, from Samuel Richardson, Clarissa, ed. Angus Ross, letter no. 12:
That you and I, my dear, should love to write is no wonder. We have always from the time each could hold a pen delighted in epistolary correspondencies. Our employments are domestic and sedentary, and we can scribble upon twenty innocent subjects and take delight in them because they are innocent; though were they to be seen, they might not much profit or please others. But that such a gay, lively young fellow as this, who rides, ,hunts, travels, frequents the public entertainments, and has means to pursue his pleasures, should be able to set himself down to write for hours together, as you and I have heard him say he frequently does, that is the strange thing.


  1. I gave a very good friend a copy of Clarissa for Christmas, with many apologies for doing so: it seems undeniable that it's a bit rude to give as a gift a 1,500-page novel you haven't read, no matter how confident you are that the recipient will enjoy it.

    She hasn't begun it yet, but she didn't seem to mind the spirit of the gift at least. If she enjoys it, I may finally dive in myself

    {Side note: something weird about the Penguin Clarissa: it's price the same in dollars as in pounds: 25 in each.