Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Delightful things

I am quite delighted to learn from an idle-leafing-through of the New Yorker's goings-on-about-town section that the Moscow Cats Theatre is back this year for another season! Mmmm....

here's what I thought when I saw the show two years ago, I was having a partially self-imposed exile from New York in Cambridge, Mass., and when I first heard about the Moscow Cats Theatre's New York run I thought I would die if I didn't see it, fortunately I made it back to town in time to catch it...

I am so going to go and see it again this fall, that will really be something to look forward to (in general I have found myself recently in a too-familiar frame of mind, which involves the tiresome refrain at the back of my head of "Nothing good can happen until you do your work"--this is not strictly true, there have been things this summer I've actually looked forward to with pleasure, I was certainly looking forward to the half-marathon last weekend and I am also looking forward very much to a funny string of forthcoming Saturday-morning runs and races that are part of the newly formed Aspirational Sub-2:00 Club--we are determined to go below two hours on the half marathon, or die trying...--and I also have a trip in October that will be very thrilling, which is to a conference at St. Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin on Jonathan Swift, having never been to Dublin and being truly obsessed with Swift's writing it will be rather amazing to be actually talking about Swift in the place he lived in and worked at for many years--and I am hugely looking forward to doing triathlons next summer--but there is no doubt that the next, oh, fourteen months or so is going to be particularly grimly full of hard work and deadlines and stress!).

Anyway, here is a link with photos that wonderfully conjure up the show's demented charms--goodness, I love those cats, I am laughing just looking at those shots...

And here's the show's creator Yuri Kuklachev interviewed at the Village Voice by Rebecca Bengal.


  1. A part of me is so jealous! I have only seen clips of those cats, and marvel at the show.

    (And the AS2 club makes me smile, becuase of the die trying business. When you need to lower your PB by 8 seconds, it is ever so doable!)

  2. (And if I try *really* hard I can actually spell because!)