Saturday, August 25, 2007

"The goal is to use as much chainsaw as possible"

Matt and Ted Lee in the Times magazine on the new ice sculptures.(Photo by Ben Stechschulte for the Times.)

Here's the Okamoto Studio website. I have a minor obsession with ice--I mean, almost everyone loves ice, this is nothing special about me--but my imagination is extremely stirred by northern landscapes, and the sequel to The Explosionist is loosely based on my particularly favorite Hans Christian Andersen story "The Snow Queen".

The two places I extremely want to go to: the Ice Hotel in Swedish Lapland (only the Canadian one might be easier to get to and also Jenny Diski explains why the actual ice hotel is rather evil in her quite wonderful book On Trying To Keep Still so I think I need a non-branded ice hotel experience--I desperately, desperately want to check out the whole reindeer thing) and the Harbin Ice Festival.

Here's a good Wikipedia article on ice hotels with a lot of links.

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