Thursday, August 09, 2007

Phillips screwdrivers and Allen wrenches

Assembling furniture of the it-comes-in-a-flat-pallet-and-the-awfully-fake-veneer-looked-better-in-the-picture sort is psychologically risky, it tends to take you very strongly one way or the other: confidence- and competence-inducing, or fraught-fragile...

Fortunately these (hmmm, did I just not notice the prominence of the word "laminate"?!?) came with very clear instructions, and I have happily brought order out of chaos.



There is still a fairly serious books-and-papers issue in the bedroom, but since it is thoroughly entangled with the pressing need for massive clean-up and reorganization in my campus office this must wait till September, I am making a promise on behalf of my future self to do something about that office situation....

Tomorrow: less problem-solving, more book-finishing! (Oh, but I think I am going to be on NPR in the morning, a show called On Point which airs between 11 and 12--I will be one of a couple of panelists discussing Austen-mania--tune in if you happen to be, you know, in your car or whatever!) (Ed.: a little further investigation reveals that the 11-12 time slot is for the Boston-area show; here is a list of other stations that will broadcast it, mostly at different times...)

(NB check out the great words for Allen wrench that they have in various other languages than English...)


  1. A job well done. (Plus if you cover laminate with books, one doesn't really see the laminate!)

  2. Do you happen to know whether the NPR programme will also be available via the internet? I'd love to listen.

  3. Lee, I think I'm going to listen to it via WBUR's live webcast from 11 EST to 12 EST, and I imagine the other NPR affiliates with live webcasts will be broadcasting it live online at various other times of day. For WBUR, if you get this in time, see here:

  4. Heard you on the radio this morning (and it's on again right now!) and really enjoyed your contribution to the show. Cool hearing Lev as well.

    Good job on the shelves. We've been doing a LOT of piecing together flat pack furniture around here. Zoiks!