Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Illegible to me

and yet I have a very strong and rather delighted feeling that this is my first glimpse of the cover of the Turkish edition of Heredity! Oh, and look, how absolutely thrilling!


  1. Dear Jenny, your book is amazing as you are! But I thought you got one print-out copy of your book, because your book had been published in Turkish 3 months ago! Pls ask your literary agency. Your agency had to give you at least 5 copy of your book.
    By the way, I confess: You are a genius of literature! Heredity became one my favorite book!

    best regards

    DurmuĊŸ Akbulut, your editor in Turkish language

  2. Dear Durmus Akbulut: Thank you so much for your lovely comment! I will indeed contact my publisher to see what's up with this, I feel certain the copies are sitting somewhere waiting for me, just not actually yet in my hands!

    all best wishes, and thanks for making this all happen--