Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Five eggs or 5 American people dollars

Phil Nugent on Katrina.

There still hasn't been an arrest in our dear lost friend Helen's murder, but it sounds as though there's a chance things might get shaken up a little over the next month and cast up some new information. Oprah's doing a show on Katrina and New Orleans this afternoon, including a crime segment that will feature Helen's story. And there also will be pieces on 48 Hours and America's Most Wanted sometime in September.

(Here was Phil's essay about Helen at the High Hat--required reading...)

I think about Helen very often--most recently the other night on the subway as I gazed at an elderly woman wearing a very, very brightly colored top covered with dozens of little appliqued chickens! Helen was often known as Chicken, and she had a peculiar fondness for these much-maligned birds, which she believed made the ideal pets (along with cats and pigs)...

A page from the memorial 'zine put together by some of Helen's friends:
Oh dear, now I have made myself weep...

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  1. Oh, Jenny, thank you for sharing your memories of Helen. I saw an old friend in New Hampshire this summer who had met Helen and had nothing but wonderful things to say about her. Her influence, passion and humor lives on. We have to remember that today especially, but we should all of us live with her spirit each day.