Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Makepeace Institute of Integrated Dragon Studies

Shana Cohen has just informed me of a most exciting piece of literary news--Robin McKinley has a new novel called Dragonhaven coming out very shortly! Here's the publisher's website--mmm, this is now officially the book I most want to read in the world... anyone who can get me a copy in advance of the official publication date on Sept. 20 will earn extreme gratitude!

(If you have not read Sunshine, you are massively missing out, it is in my opinion pretty much the perfect light reading--I have read it at least three or four times, maybe more, and it was only published in 2003, so I do not even have the excuse of limited childhood book supply! All of McKinley's novels induce in me the need to reread compulsively, there is something uniquely delightful about her prose style and the nature of her imagination; I especially like what she does with those female main characters, and she writes so well about animals, too...)

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