Saturday, August 04, 2007


Ed Park has a miraculously good piece at the LA Times about William Gibson's new novel Spook Country. I must get that and read it, I absolutely loved Pattern Recognition (I think it's my favorite of all his novels, it was sort of like reading a book written by my alternate self, it's got a strange family resemblance to my first novel and I totally identify with the main character!).

Also, Ligaya Mishan's review of Nicholas Christopher's The Bestiary compounds my feeling that I must get it and read it at once!

Or--do I already have a copy round here somewhere?!?

There was an article in the Times the other week about a furniture store with the appealing name Tiny Living, and I got as far as this page and thought, "Yes, I am going to get a couple of those, I've got to deal with that questionable book overflow situation by the doorway of my apartment" and then never did anything about it--I'm kind of in the thick of work stuff right now, I could imagine the boxes just sitting there till September, assembling furniture is not an especially appealing form of procrastination! And also, really, I should just get rid of a lot of books, putting them on shelves is an admission that they may be longer-term features of the scenery than I quite like to acknowledge. But something must be done....


  1. Thanks--will check 'em out...

  2. I've got a review up of The Bestiary at Bookslut - LOVED IT! You must read it; I know you will enjoy it.