Saturday, August 04, 2007


Ed Park has a miraculously good piece at the LA Times about William Gibson's new novel Spook Country. I must get that and read it, I absolutely loved Pattern Recognition (I think it's my favorite of all his novels, it was sort of like reading a book written by my alternate self, it's got a strange family resemblance to my first novel and I totally identify with the main character!).

Also, Ligaya Mishan's review of Nicholas Christopher's The Bestiary compounds my feeling that I must get it and read it at once!

Or--do I already have a copy round here somewhere?!?

There was an article in the Times the other week about a furniture store with the appealing name Tiny Living, and I got as far as this page and thought, "Yes, I am going to get a couple of those, I've got to deal with that questionable book overflow situation by the doorway of my apartment" and then never did anything about it--I'm kind of in the thick of work stuff right now, I could imagine the boxes just sitting there till September, assembling furniture is not an especially appealing form of procrastination! And also, really, I should just get rid of a lot of books, putting them on shelves is an admission that they may be longer-term features of the scenery than I quite like to acknowledge. But something must be done....


  1. Hi, enjoyed your blog post re: William Gibson. I am a big fan too and have followed his work very closely for years.

    If you are interested, I am posting chapter summaries of Spook Country at There are definitely tons of spoilers, maps and pictures of key locations in the real Spook Country, and links to related topics. You might also want to check out Memetic Engineer’s Spook Country website [] with a UK angle on the book.

    - patternboy []

  2. Thanks--will check 'em out...

  3. I've got a review up of The Bestiary at Bookslut - LOVED IT! You must read it; I know you will enjoy it.