Friday, February 15, 2008

Bernard Shaw in skirts?

At the Guardian Review, Stefan Collini considers Rebecca West's criticism. Interesting thoughts here on the differences and overlaps between reviewing and criticism, I should get that one...

Also, this caused me to reflect that though I am drawn to psychogeography (ley lines!), I have come to find the situationists very annoying!


  1. Ley Lines!
    (needs "Derek and the Dominoes" riff)

    Psychogeography: _Ghostbusters_ worked well for me in the creepiness of echoing _Our Lady of Darkness_ (Fritz Leiber).

  2. I've not read West's criticism, but god, do I love The Fountain Overflows. It's so good, especially on the making of art, that I'm surprised that West wasn't a more coherent critic (assuming that Collini's rather convincing case is accurate).

    And wouldn't it be a joy to end up in a contract "by which I write whenever I like on whatever I like for vast sums"!