Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Ten signs

Dorothy had a good meme on her blog this morning, one that I am irresistibly impelled to try my hand at--with slight modification.

Forthwith, the ten signs a novel has been written by me (it is a pity that I cannot convey the humor of this list, it will only be visible to those who have actually read both of my novels--the second one's not yet published--and know that they are in many respects comically different from one another, so that this list of similarities is distinctly hilarious to my eyes!):

1. Set over the course of six or eight weeks in June and July.

2. Female protagonist suffers from insomnia.

3. Would give the reader an impression I know the city it's set in well. A false impression: I have a terrible sense of direction and detailed walking-around scenes are produced only via poring over maps of one kind or another.

4. Full of true scientific facts.

5. Also full of made-up scientific facts.

6. Full of true historical facts.

7. Also full of made-up historical facts which I cannot now disentangle in my imagination from the real ones!

8. With very few metaphors.

9. But multiple visits to museums, doctor's offices and cultural monuments of one kind or another.

10. And an ending that makes the reader think there might be a sequel...