Thursday, July 12, 2007

All to pieces

The exciting but somewhat nerve-racking thing going on round here these days is that I have taken my breeding book apart (conjecturally--the literal taking-apart and putting-back together is still to come) in a most dramatic and thrilling way.

Prudence dictates that I not say too much about the new organizational scheme, not least in case it doesn't quite pan out in its present conception, but here's the visual evidence (each color card signals material from one original chapter--the pink ones are from the chapter originally entitled "Resemblance and the Science of Inheritance," for instance, though right now the colors just correspond to the broad rubrics Inheritance [pink], Culture [orange], Language [green] and Perfectibility [yellow]--white cards are introductory and concluding material as yet un-doled-out to a particular category).

And here's a closer view:


  1. Oooo! pretty colors!

    As a visual artist, I think I would try to arrange them in the most aesthetic pattern, which I imagine would result in a very unusual organization for a book.

    Does each color represent a theme?

  2. Wow, that was stupid.

    I must have read your 1st paragraph, and then scrolled down and saw the pictures and got too distracted to actually read the 2nd paragraph.


  3. No worries, that's what I'm always doing with e-mails, and then having to send a "p.s." to explain!

  4. Yes, that is how I do the author magazine, but without the colours;-) (I am a very downmarket operation you see.)
    It is very useful to spread things out on the floor on bits of card or paper, so you can move them around.
    When I have finished I hastily draw it onto a piece of A4 and tell the production ed it is the flat plan.
    (You are an honorary English person so you know what A4 is I guess? if not, it is that 8 and something inches by that 11 and something inch equivalent)

    PS I am always having to do that "PS" thing, too!