Friday, July 13, 2007


I did two frivolous things: I saw the new Harry Potter movie (very enjoyable, mercilessly little quidditch, but it must be said that if you were a person who had not read the book and actually cared for movies to be fully self-explanatory and lucid in their plot exposition there are several stretches that would be most annoying--also, I think light-saber duels are more visually effective than these magical ones, the showdown scene is very anticlimactic); and I got my wetsuit at the very appealing Jackrabbit Store.

It did not even occur to me to call in advance to see if they had the right ones in stock (I need it for this workshop on Sunday), but really I was lucky they had any in the right size, they do not keep a lot of them around--the guy gave me two to try on, and fortunately the first one fit very well, because that is a seriously hot and sweaty and impossible job to get into such a thing! I've had a bunch of pretty hot and sweaty workouts this week, even in the pool on Monday night but the Tuesday evening run workout was brutal, and it was under-air-conditioned at the gym Wednesday morning also--but that five or ten minutes in the changing room was definitely the hottest and sweatiest of all! You felt that they should install extra air-conditioning in the changing rooms, and perhaps give you a complimentary towel to wipe yourself (and the suit) down afterwards...

I will not actually model it for the blog readers, not least because it would take way too much effort to get the thing back on again, but here's the one I got:

Now I have to go and reorder those index cards, which my cat has put into a state of complete disarray--I think I must glue them down, though I was hoping to leave the arrangement in a fluid state until I sorted out a few more details, but it is simply too much of a temptation...


  1. I'm sure you really did know that you required adhesive on those index cards, you just talked yourself out of it at first. ;-)

    I refer to trying on a wetsuit as a hot yoga session.

    Glad you found what you were after! I was quite happy with my Nineteen Riptide, but it's still trapped in storage. Not as happy with my Orca Sonar.

  2. SERIOUS hot yoga! I think this one's going to be really good, surprisingly comfortable & with good arm/shoulder mobility once I got it on.

    I "glued" the cards on this afternoon with a rather pitiful temporary adhesive that I fear will not withstand feline interference, I must go tomorrow & get something more secure!

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