Monday, July 30, 2007

Idiotic things

I was thinking randomly this morning of the most idiotic thing I've done all year, I was tickled by it because it seemed so apt to my personality as well as so absurd.

My day usually starts out with me blearily making a cup of coffee in one of these. I drink it americano style, i.e. with some hot water and then milk to top it up, so while the coffee's brewing and the water's boiling I put a sweet-and-low packet into the mug, pour in the coffee when it's ready, top it up with water from the kettle and then add a dash of milk. (Then I repeat the whole process about twenty minutes later, and after that I feel a bit more human.)

Similarly when I have tea, I put the teabag and the sweetener in the mug while the kettle's coming to the boil, then pour in the water from the kettle and a splash of milk.

My idiotic thing that one day this fall (I really must have been pretty bleary-eyed, I am not a fast waker-upper...) was that I put the coffee on, turned the gas on under the kettle and then got the mug out & sweet-and-lowed it. Only as I poured the coffee into the mug did I realize that I had absent-mindedly also put in a teabag!

(It tasted pretty awful, I did not whisk out the teabag quite in time, but I drank it anyway while waiting for the next round of coffee to brew.)

But as of this afternoon I have a new candidate for most foolish thing I've done all year. The cycling gloves I bought with my bike seemed strikingly uncomfortable, so much so that I could not really imagine how I'd thought they fit me in the store. However it was one of those shopping trips where I was buying everything at once, so perhaps I just wasn't paying attention? They were too tight across the knuckles, the little finger pinched awfully, they altogether seemed like a terrible distraction rather than anything helpful. (They're basically these or similar.) That ride last week confirmed my feeling that these were not acceptable, they were strangling my hands if such a thing is possible--not to mention no padding to speak of on the palms.

I had a birthday gift certificate and got a new pair at Jackrabbit this weekend, they didn't have a good selection of women's ones but the size small men's were fine. (Let's say something pretty much like these.)

I tried them on just now--no, I'm not going out for a ride, it was idle procrastination, I'm having a reasonable work day but you need to interrupt it with something!--my first thought was "Yes, these really are much better." My second thought--hmmm....

My second thought was a stunning realization that the reason the other gloves were so uncomfortable was that I had them on the wrong hands!





How did I not notice this? I guess if it's, like, a boxing-type glove, you think you want the padding on the knuckle side...

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