Sunday, July 15, 2007

("he was a Martian!")

Peter Culshaw profiles Manu Chao in the Observer Music Monthly. I must say that I am just in love with the music of Manu Chao--in general I am too much skewed towards books at the expense of other art forms, my alternate-universe self listens to a lot more music and sees a lot more movies and plays than I do, certainly I am very lazy about listening to any new music, but this guy's stuff definitely altered my internal soundscape...


  1. I'm with you! Somehow I had never heard Manu Chao until I went to Guatemala. Everybody else I met there knew all the lyrics to all his songs. It was the only music I could agree on with the "latin music" freaks I lived with (unless you count Buena Vista Social Club).

    --Perdido en el siglo...

  2. My favorite part about him is that he grew up in Paris...


    thanks for comment on article

    do comment on new observer blog - above
    pic of me embarrasingly trashed with manu in brooklyn