Friday, July 20, 2007

A martial art based on catlike movements

How did I miss this last week?!? At the FT, James Lovegrove reviews Nick Green's The Cat Kin, clearly this is one I am fated to order extravagantly from Amazon UK (though the review has the slightly surreal feel of those very abbreviated plot summaries on the NYT bestseller list):

Ben and his mother are in danger of being thrown out on to the street by a ruthless landlord. Tiffany is neglected by her parents. Both children find solace in the study of a martial art based on catlike movements.

But “pashki” turns out to be more than merely a physical discipline. It bestows supernatural abilities, which come in handy when Ben and Tiffany discover a sinister plot linked directly with the problems in their lives.

Nick Green’s first novel is a slick, smart, witty read, which rightly reasserts the superiority of all things feline.

I want to study a martial art based on catlike movements--and gain supernatural abilities!


  1. Are you aware that Nick Green self-published it first?

  2. He did indeed! And I look forward to seeing yours... I'd like to read about an alternate-history Edinburgh, that's where I attended university.