Saturday, February 26, 2005

And also

I just got back from seeing J. B. Priestley's play I Have Been Here Before at the Pearl--good fun--VERY old-fashioned, but in a good way--also b/c it's sort of about spiritualism I felt that it vaguely counted as research. (Am waiting in agonized anxiety to find out what further revisions my agent thinks are needed on the novel.)

And this morning I went and ambled around a few of those Gates so all told it was a day of art--and my friend Nico bailed me out on a mysterious Edgeworth-related emergency. I'm teaching the book on Monday and I looked twice each at home and work to find it & it's nowhere in sight (though I did find, to my great shame, a library book--George Gissing's peculiar book about Charles Dickens--that I swore I'd returned--not just swore metaphorically but have been hounding the library staff to take the $90 fine and replacement fee off my record--I am going to have to skulk in with it & grovel.... I foresee trouble and shame....). Fortunately I've got Nico's now, and the law of lost objects says that tomorrow I will find my own copy sitting in plain view and kick myself for not seeing it before. However that doesn't matter one way or the other...

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