Saturday, February 19, 2005

A nice short notice

in the Independent for Heredity (the reviewer's Emma Hagestadt):

Noirish, fast-talking and slightly pervy, Jenny Davidson's transatlantic fertility farce reads like Fay Weldon on a hormonally-charged high. The novel's moody heroine, New Yorker Elizabeth Mann, is in London researching a travel book. Within days of arriving she's had sex with her father's best friend, the bizarrely named, and slightly asthmatic, Gideon Streetcar. She wants a baby, but doesn't want to pass on her family genes. Her solution? To take DNA from the skeleton of 18th-century criminal, Jonathan Wild. A dark and fantastical novel about medical curiosities, curious Englishmen and in vitro love affairs.

I am glad of the Fay Weldon reference, I love her books and of course I secretly had in mind The Cloning of Joanna May when I was writing my novel.

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