Monday, February 14, 2005

Cannot the NYT

just give up its faded etiquette and start naming names? This is the latest coy circumlocution, in an unfortunately titled review of a new book called "On Bullshit," "Between Truth and Lies, An Unprintable Ubiquity": "Harry G. Frankfurt, 76, is a moral philosopher of international reputation and a professor emeritus at Princeton. He is also the author of a book recently published by the Princeton University Press that is the first in the publishing house's distinguished history to carry a title most newspapers, including this one, would find unfit to print. The work is called 'On Bull - - - - .'"


  1. Hi Jenny-

    How are you doing?

    Your blog makes for interesting reading, and has a goldmine of Book Review links. Great going. I like the way you use the word most. A most wonderful read, a most beautiful sunset, a most interesting article, a most realistic portrayal and also the words a lovely prose style etc. That's charming. I read your blog and I'm learning the way you use words. The sentence to start this post is fantastic, "Cannot The NYT give up its faded etiquitte and start naming names," wow, that's well-written.

    Your blog is full of book reviews. You come across as a compulsive voracious reader. How do you manage to read so much after teaching? I really appreciate it. I will spare some time to read your blog at length.

    Good luck with blogging and carry on posting these light reading posts.

    A Tip: Open the links in a new window instead of the same browser window. In this way, net surfers will not lose their place from your blog as they will be able to open the link in a new window, and multi-task reading your blog and the link in the new window.
    Use target="_blank" after the web site address, before closing the a href tag.
    After the web site address, give a space and then write target="_blank" before closing the a href tag. This target="_blank" will open the link in a new browser window. Hope this helps. Are you using Internet Explorer or Firefox browser? Try Firefox browser, if I may recommend it.

    Take care and have a nice day.


  2. Thanks for the good advice about the windows, Chirayu! I am basically wholly ignorant about how to do this stuff, but that sounds quite easy. I'm currently using Explorer, but will see about switching. And I'm glad you like the blog--yes, I am an extremely compulsive reader...