Friday, February 04, 2005

This evening

a really terrible play, about which the less said the better. It included a moment that has my vote for inadvertently funniest stage episode of 2005: the wife comes back in from the garden, having picked vegetables for dinner, and finds her dying husband has fallen out of his hospital bed onto the floor. The basket of vegetables falls from her arms, and a large number of plastic asparagus stalks rattle across the stage... I was hard put to restrain myself.

However a very good dinner afterwards more than made up for it. The West Bank Cafe is really excellent--I was especially pleased with an entre that was a scallop "chowder" (really sort of deconstructed heap of stuff with a little sauce around it) that had delicious seared scallops, pancetta-type bacon, fingerling potatoes and braised leeks, it was quite exceptional... Appetizers of duck confit and sashimi-style tuna also memorable.... Ah, the pleasures of gluttony....

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