Sunday, February 20, 2005

Making and unmaking

Last night I saw a superb production of Endgame at The Irish Rep. I urge you to see it if you get the chance--it is an amazing play of course but the acting here is really magnificent. It's funny and touching and bleak and pretty much everything you could hope for. I do love Beckett--there is something about his sensibility that calls to me. Writers like Woolf and Joyce and Conrad leave me pretty much cold (isn't that an awful confession? I am full of admiration for the technique but ...)--my heart is much more with the novelists of older generations, Dickens and Austen and Burney, and then further back with the prose of Burke and Swift and such. Highly experimental writing is something I don't often turn to--while I do have a soft spot for Gertrude Stein and Georges Perec and a few others, I don't miss it if I'm not reading it. But Beckett is the one for me--I would kill to have written his novels and plays! Must go and reread the trilogy soon, it's years since I last looked at it.

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