Saturday, February 19, 2005

Another good haul

at the public library. If I get $$$ for a book deal I am so going to write a check to the public library--for the branch libraries--they are a most excellent thing. First of all, a very high-quality Dublin crime novel, Ingrid Black's The Dead. Don't read it if you're sick of serial-killer thrillers, but the writing here is excellent: a really vividly characterized first-person voice, good settings etc. I much enjoyed it. And then I read Divided in Death, by Nora Roberts writing as J.D. Robb. I find these books very enjoyable--the best kind of light reading--this woman is a consummate pro, I doubt she would claim that her fiction has the intensity of the most memorable novels but her novels are still super-well-written and the characters very vivid. I haven't read any of the straight romantic ones, not so much my cup of tea, but it is really a pleasure to see someone so prolific hold herself to a high professional standard in the writing.


  1. I read Igrid's book last year and was blown away. She has a new one out now in the UK and I'm looking forward to its arrival. I'm glad to see that she had a US deal and maybe get a readership over here. Yes, I agree, this is a well written book.

  2. Yes, Sarah just e-mailed me as well about the sequel--I will definitely make sure to read it--this is good-quality writing.