Wednesday, February 02, 2005

It's finally done

I've just e-mailed what I hope will be a sort-of-final draft of Dynamite No. 1 to my agent. It's a great relief. There are about a million other things I'm meant to be working on, and I must move on. Also I can now stop editing and leave it alone until I hear something back. Cross your fingers...

And in a happy coincidence, my friend Nico took advantage of the Restaurant Week thing and booked a table for a few of us this evening at the new Aquavit Cafe. Previous experience of Restaurant Week has persuaded me that you either (a) pay the great low price that's advertised and get a most peculiar and unsatisfying meal and feel that you can't order a coffee because it will add $10 to the check or (b) end up spending almost as much as you would on a regular meal. However we will see if we can find some better accommodation this evening. (We also have a 9:30 reservation, which is as it happens most convenient--it would have killed me to go out with only a few hours of work left on the novel--but might not be ideal for everybody...) I am in the mood to splurge, a feeling with no immediate negative consequences in the age of generous but ultimately evil credit-card companies.

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